New Voices from the Field podcast! Learner Spotlight: Lygia Yates

VALRC is back with a new podcast, “Learner Spotlight: Lygia Yates” which is now available on our website.

In this podcast episode, VALRC ESOL Specialist Hali Massey, Senior Instructional Technology Specialist Katie Bratisax, and Literacy Specialist Elizabeth Severson-Irby talk with an adult education learner, the Director of the disAbility Law Center of Virginia (dLCV), and a career coach about working with learners with varying abilities. The adult education learner, Lygia, describes her journey back into education and her process for earning Microsoft Office certifications. Then, the Director of the dLCV, Colleen, describes the legal services they provide to individuals and families of individuals with differing abilities. Next, the career coach, Duane, describes how he assists learners in advocating for themselves as they connect with employers.

Lygia Yates Headshot

Lygia Yates

Microsoft Office Specialist; Student, Learn4Work Program, Peninsula Regional Adult Education Program; Administrative Assistant, dLCV

Colleen Miller Headshot

Colleen Miller

Executive Director, disAbility Law Center of Virginia

Duane Poe Photo

Duane Poe

Learn4Work, Career Coach, Peninsula Regional Education Program (PREP)


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