Teaching Skills that Matter

 For the past two years, several educators across the state have worked on learning about Teaching the Skills that Matter (TSTM) and incorporating lessons from the toolkit into their classrooms. TSTM focuses on using three instructional approaches to teach nine essential skills in five critical content areas. In this issue of PROGRESS, a few instructors shared how they integrated lessons from the TSTM toolkit into their classrooms including learner highlights and lesson adaptations, modifications, and extensions. The toolkit is available online and is ready to use. We, at VALRC, plan to provide more training on the toolkit during 2021-2022, so stay tuned for more information. For now, explore the toolkit and contact Hillary Major (hmajor@vcu.edu) or Elizabeth Severson-Irby (seversonirea@vcu.edu) with any questions. To read a more in-depth article about TSTM, please see the April 2020 issue of PROGRESS (p.11-12).

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