Unsung Hero: Brenda Hornbaker

Brenda Hornbaker

Data Support Specialist

Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Adult Learning Center (ALC)

Region 20

“We would be lost without Brenda,” assert the administrative staff at Adult Learning Center–Virginia Beach City Public Schools (ALC). “We know that data drives our programs–English Language Acquisition and Adult Basic Education/GED® alike. Brenda Hornback helps report, track, and review the data we must collect. In the world of ASPDs, SSWS entries, proxy hours, GED® completion, attendance, and transfers within classes and programs, she wades through this enormous amount of information to make sure the ALC is compliant. It is no small task, but Brenda does it with grace and diligence.”

Brenda collaboratively works with teachers, teacher assistants, general assistants, and the ALC’s director and two program coordinators to make sure any errors and discrepancies are caught before data is submitted to the Commonwealth. Brenda reaches out to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and regional staff to clarify and ask questions as she deals with a world of ever-changing guidelines. “As the newest member of the administrative team at the ALC,” says Elizabeth Herlong, “I cannot speak more highly of all the assistance Brenda has provided me as I transition to the world of adult education.”

Brenda has worked at the ALC since 2008, serving as aa ABE/GED® teacher assistant and clerical support assistant before moving into her current position as data guru. Born in Texas and raised in New Jersey, Brenda and her husband settled in Virginia Beach thanks to the military. As a military spouse, Brenda earned her degree from the University of Maryland, European division, while her husband was stationed in England. She has three beautiful children and one grandson who she spoils by playing with him and taking him bowling.

Brenda has a strong work ethic, taking her job seriously and showing meticulous attention to detail. She is compassionate, humble, and genuine. Brenda brings to her role deep institutional knowledge of the ALC program and VDOE requirements; tireless and timely hard work; resourcefulness; collaboration skills; and, above all, sincere caring for all members of the ALC team. She is a true unsung work hero.

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